Data Security is a Serious Issue

In this day and age, neglecting your data security needs can cost you your business. Having customer information leak to the Dark Web is a daily occurrence, is yours protected?


Wifi Security

One of the easiest areas for a hacker to attack is your WiFi. We can assist you in making sure your WiFi security is up to current standards. If your access point has been sitting in your office for several years, it is probably vulnerable to attack.

Do you know for certain that your neighbors aren’t piggy-backing off your signal? We can show you how far outside your business that your WiFi signal travels and can help you ensure un-wanted devices aren’t welcome on your business’ network.

Security of data in transit

If your internal network is safe, do you know about the safety of your off-site backups? Is that data transmitted un-encrypted? Is it encrypted while in storage?

If you have multiple locations, we can help you secure your site to site traffic in order to minimize potential data leakage. Our industry partners have solutions that will fit just about any budget.



penetration testing

Our technicians are able to perform full penetration testing. We offer full external, internal and physical tests of your current information security standing. All of our testing comes with a detailed report of our findings.

If you must meet certain standards for data security such as HIPAA or PCI then penetration testing is mandatory. We can assist you in making sure that your network is not vulnerable to attack. We are also able to provide you with simulated social engineering scenarios which will test the security mindedness of your employees.